Puddle Of Love b​/​w When The 45 Died

by The Joes

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released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


The Joes Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Puddle Of Love
Well ya couldn't see it coming, with a 100 watt candle
I met her on a Monday, she was more than I could handle
My mama said son, better run for your life
she ain't no good woman, she ain't no good wife

Puddle of love, muddy and deep
Her love was an anchor, tied to my feet
I was already drowning when she gave me a shove
Head underwater in a puddle of love

She smelled like a brewery, made love like a tigress
She dressed like a gypsy and hung out with queers
I fell in a minute, though I knew she'd be trouble
I had all the wisdom of my seventeen years

(wild thing, you're gonna kill me)

It was down at the Horseshoe, when i went in to take a leak
She waved to the band's crew and kissed me on my cheek
I left her on a Sunday, and the last thing she said
Just leave me ten dollars for some cigarettes and bread

Track Name: When The 45 Died
Three years old, AC socket
Stuck my fingers in I went off like a rocket
First thing I remember when I come around
Swirly little record, playing that scratchy sound

Deep in the night, '65 Nova
Trying real hard not to get pulled over
While driving impaired with the kids in the back
Headed for a new town, burn it down and don't look back

When the 45 died, rock and roll died too
Radio blastin', a late night haiku

Here come Linda dancing like a freebird
Light My Fire playing on the Seeburg
Ice cream dripping and tourists looking kinda nervous
Barefoot and fifteen, my first goddess.

There's a sign on a cross, nailed to a pole
Says Jesus is the rock that does not roll
Well I'm going to bed with the devil tonight
When I wake up in the morning, I'm gonna feel alright

When the 45 died, rock and roll died too
Blasting from the window of a cherry red Malibu

Now I'm sitting here breaking my guitars strings
Trying to come up with a line that sings
Antenna in the air, nothing coming through
'Cause when the 45 died, rock and roll died too

When the 45 died, rock and roll died too
When the 45 died, rock and roll died too
I can't get my kicks from a digital iTune.